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Details on Amir Tataloo’s judicial case

The Iran Project : Amir Hossein Maghsoudlou, better known as Amir Tataloo, has always grabbed the headlines, and now with his deportation from Turkey and arrest in Iran drawn media attention.
Details on Amir Tataloo’s judicial case
Details on Amir Tataloo’s judicial case
According to The Iran Project, The rapper popular among young fans in Iran but controversial due to his vulgar content, has arrested in Turkey December 2 due to complaints filed against him by Iranian consulate.

Afterawrds, on Wednesday, Turkey's Immigration Police have extradited Tataloo to Iran. 

The tattoo-covered artist was handed over to Iran at the Bazargan border and was immediately arrested with a judicial order.

In the meantime, although Tasnim had predicted that Amir Hossein Maqsoodlou would be released soon due to the lack of a private complaint, but yesterday the news of his extradition to Iran was announced by the judiciary.

According to Iran’s Judiciary news agency “Mizan”, the private plaintiffs of this unauthorized singer had filed several complaints against him in the judicial system.

Reportedly, the Iranian rapper was accused of "obscene behavior" toward consulate staff.

Tataloo faces charges primarily centered around the alleged promotion of drug use, particularly among the younger populace, and the publication of anti-women content and the promotion of child marriage.

These accusations became more serious when the actress Sahar Qoreishi, she has also been living abroad, in various comments in the social networking media, hs confirmed these accusations.  Qoreishi has lived with Tataloo as his wife for a while.

The infamous rapper is also linked to a huge gambling and betting network in Turkey which Iranian bloggers in that country mostly form.

For these reasons, Tataloo currently has manycomplainant inside Iran that have filed complaintس against him.
Reporter : Fatemeh Khoshroo
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