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Air pollution continues in Iran for next two days

The Iran Project : Iran’s Meteorological Organization declared the continuation of pollution in industrial cities for the next two days, furcating rain in the northern part of the country from late today until Friday.
Air pollution continues in Iran for next two days
Air pollution continues in Iran for next two days
Acceding to The Iran Project elaborating on air situation, National Meteorological Organization said during the next two days, the accumulation of atmospheric pollutants and reduction of air quality will continue in industrial cities.

The organization also announced the rain in the northern part of the country and adding, “Since late today, with the northward currents above the Caspian Sea, there will be an increase in clouds, scattered rain and a relative decrease in temperature in the coastal provinces of the Caspian Sea and parts of Ardabil.”

Today, the dire state marks the air quality as orange, signifying an unhealthy environment for sensitive groups.

Amid this orange-level pollution, cautionary measures are strongly advised.

Children, pregnant women and individuals with heart or lung conditions are advised to refrain from prolonged or intense outdoor activities and wear masks in the streets.

Moreover, Iranian authorities have closed schools in Tehran and several other provinces due to heavy air pollution.

In the capital Tehran, all primary and secondary schools were closed from the beginning of the week; the closure also extended for the rest of the week.

Iran ranks sixth in the world in terms of greenhouse gas emissions, releasing 900 million tons of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses annually.

It should be noted that ran’s greenhouse gas emissions have doubled over the past two decades.
Reporter : Fatemeh Khoshroo
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