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Iran to host joint economic commission meeting with Qatar

The Iran Project : Minister of Energy of the Islamic Republic of Iran Ali Akbar Mehrabian will preside over the ninth round of the Iran-Qatar Joint Economic Cooperation Commission meeting in the Iranian capital Tehran on December 9-11.
Iran to host joint economic commission meeting with Qatar
Iran to host joint economic commission meeting with Qatar
According to The Iran Project The head of the International Affairs of the Iranian Energy Ministry Mojtaba Akbari told that given the fact that the two countries pursue constructive political relationship, which is emphasized by heads of the two countries, the program to hold the ninth commission meeting is of great importance, especially when it comes to developing bilateral political and economic exchanges.

According to the Iranian official, the annual joint commission meeting is being held to upgrade economic cooperation and constructive interaction between the two nations, which is followed up by high-level representatives of executive authorities as well as the trade council of Iran and Qatar to deepen an amicable relationship.

The Joint Economic Cooperation Commission comprises four specialized committees, including the trade committee (trade chambers and commerce, industry, banking, customs, and insurance), the infrastructure committee (roads, urban planning, agriculture, information technology, communications, and labor sectors), social and cultural committee (tourism, handicrafts, health, science, research, and judicial system), and energy committee (water, wastewater, electricity, gas, and environment).

The secretary of the meeting also said that Iran would hold a specialized exhibition of its achievements in food industries, health, medical, and pharmaceutical sectors, agricultural industry, knowledge-based companies, and energy to showcase its capabilities concerning basic industries.
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