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‌Iranian car purchase system to be re-opened‌ tomorrow

The Iran Project : The director of the integrated system of domestic and imported cars says the registration of two products of domestic cars will start tomorrow evening (Sunday, December 3) and the registration of imported cars will also begin next week.
Iranian car purchase system to be re-opened tomorrow
Iranian car purchase system to be re-opened tomorrow
According to The Iran Project Mehdi Taghdosi made the comments in an interview with IRNA economic reporter on Saturday.

Regarding the latest details of domestic and imported cars, he said, "Domestic car manufacturers received the permission to sell the Lamari EAMA car, a product of Ariyan company, and Haima 7X, a product of Iran Khodro company, which will be available in the integrated system from tomorrow evening."

Saipa company is also looking for permission to present some of its products in order to be able to sell them in the system, he added.

Stating that the integrated system of imported cars will also be opened from next week, Taghddosi asserted that 33,000 applicants who registered in March of last year can enter the system, but there aren't new registrations in this period.

It should be noted that the Director General of Automobile Industries of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade has announced a 20% increase in automobile production from the beginning of the current year to the end of November, noting that the production and supply of automobiles enjoys good condition.

During the eight months of the current year, about 742,000 passenger cars were directly and completely produced, which shows a growth of 20% compared to the 621,000 vehicles produced in the same period last year, Abdollah Tavakoli Lahijani remarked.
Reporter : Fatemeh Khoshroo
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