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President Raisi inaugurates Parand City metro line

The Iran Project : Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi attended the Robat Karim City on Thursday morning and inaugurated the Parand City metro line.
President Raeisi inaugurates Parand City metro line
President Raeisi inaugurates Parand City metro line
According to The Iran Project President Raisi, the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, together with the Minister of Roads and Urban Development, the Mayor of Tehran, and other provincial and city officials, inaugurated the Parand city metro line on Thursday.

According to this report, as it was pre-planned, in addition to the opening of the Parand metro line, more than four thousand newly completed residential units will be provided to the people of Robat Karim and Parand City.

In another measure for the well-being of the people and citizens in the southernmost city of Tehran province, namely Parand, the metro station of this city, which houses hundreds of thousands of people, will be opened, so that once again the 13th government, while accompanying the people, will take another big step in the direction of well-being of  Public.

The newly established city of Parand is located 35 kilometers west of the capital and on the free side of the Tehran-Saveh road. It has a population of 450,000 people and about 40,000 people travel between this city and Tehran daily, mainly for business purposes.

The Parand metro line branches off from Shaahed station on metro line one and reaches Parand city with five stations along a 50-kilometer route.

The first 30 kilometers of the Parand metro line with Shahr-e  Aftab and Imam Khomeini Airport stations had been put into operation, but the main 20 kilometers of the Parand metro line, according to the managers of the Tehran Urban and Suburban Railway Company were paused due to lack of, financial resources.

The studies of Parand metro started in 2005 and its implementation started 12 years ago, and the people of Parand have been waiting for the operation of Parand metro for more than a decade.

He further considered the development of transportation and facilitating travel as one of the necessities of the development of different regions.

The President added: "During last year's visit, it was promised that this station would be built and its track would be laid so that this metro could be used for the welfare of the people."

The head of the executive branch continued: Today, with a year lapse, more than what was promised has been done. One railway route was supposed to be built, but today two railway routes (back and forth) were put into operation.

President Raeisi emphasized, "This shows that the government is true to its promises and the people are witnessing the government's fulfillment of its promises, that the officials are with the people and understand their concerns, they create joy and hope for the people and improve the lives of the people."
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