18 Jul 2024
Sunday 3 September 2023 - 14:05
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Infighting at MKO camp after Albania pressures terrorists to leave

The Iran Project - With Albania forcing the anti-Iran MKO terrorist group to leave its camp in the European country, the terrorists were left desperate to find a new destination.

The MKOs decision to evacuate the Ashraf-3 camp and relocate the terrorists to a new country has raised disputes among its members, as there is uncertainty about the future of the notorious group and its new base.

The ringleaders of the terrorist Mujahedin-e-Khalq Organization (MKO) have reportedly arranged for the relocation of members to an undisclosed location in Canada or Germany after facing pressure from the Albanian government.

Albania has imposed restrictions on the MKO, including a raid on their camp in June and cutting off internet access in August.

According to Tasnim, being afraid of being arrested in the next raid, the MKO ringleaders are attempting to rescue their high-ranking comrades and relocate the elements with temporary Canadian passports or temporary resident permits in Canada in the first step.

Albania's Prime Minister has stated that the MKO must leave the country if they want to use Albanian soil to fight against Iran.

The MKO has been responsible for numerous terrorist attacks against Iranian civilians and government officials since 1979, resulting in the deaths of thousands of Iranians. The group was previously listed as a terrorist organization by the European Union, Canada, the United States, and Japan.
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