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5 Iranian border guards killed in clashes with terrorists in southeast

5 Iranian border guards killed in clashes with terrorists in southeast
Five Iranian border guards have been killed in clashes with armed terrorists and anti-Islamic Revolution groups in the countrys southeastern province of Sistan and Baluchestan.

Local media reports said the fatalities occured in the Maze-Sar area of the border region of Saravan, located near Pakistan, late on Saturday as the Iranian border security forces engaged in a fierce confrontation with the terrorists.

Earlier reports had put the death toll at six, but police announced on Sunday morning that one border guard, Reza Borji, was resuscitated in the hospital.

The attack was carried out by a terrorist group which intended to infiltrate the countrys border but fled to the other side of the border after the confrontation.

The deputy commander of the Iranian law enforcement forces and the head of border guards were reported to have visited the area to investigate the incident.

The border region of Saravan in Sistan and Baluchestan Province has over the past years been the scene of clashes between the Iranian security forces and terrorist groups and drug traffickers.

Last month, a senior Iranian police officer was killed in a terroristattack in the southeastern province after unidentified assailants launched a surprise attack on him.

Colonel Alireza Shahraki, chief of the Iranian Police Criminal Investigation (CID) Department in Saravan, was fatally shot on April 30 after unknown gunmensprayed bulletsonhis carinan earlymorning ambush at a crossroad.

Shahrakis wife was also seriously wounded in the incident and was transferred to the hospital to receive medical treatment.

By Press TV
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