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Fateh-2, Fateh-3 submarines to join Army Navy in near future

Iran's Navy Commander Rear Admiral Shahram Irani stated that the Fateh-2 and Fateh-3 submarines will join the Army Navy in near future.

Sharam Irani in an interview with Mehr News Agency announced that the mentioned submarines will be added to southern and northern fleets in near future.

The joining of Fateh-2 and Fateh-3 will be speeded up to strengthen the Army Navy's authority in the subsurface area, he underlined.

Referring to the new features and capabilities of the Fateh class submarine, he added that today, they are equipped with dual-purpose and domestically-made torpedoes, and all their launches have been successful.

Moreover, The Fateh (conqueror) submarine and Sahand destroyer both indigenized were used in Velayat-e 97 drills for the first time.

Fateh submarine is the first indigenized medium-class Iranian submarine that joined the Navy.

Indigenized Sahand destroyer is also the third-class destroyer of Moj (Wave) class that was built at Navys factories.

Fateh is Irans most advanced domestically-built submarine. The submarine is equipped with sonar, electric drive, combined battle management, surface-to-surface guided missile guidance, torpedo guidance, electronic and telecommunication warfare, secure and integrated telecommunication systems and dozens of state-of-art modern systems.

Fateh submarine has underwater speed of 11 knots (20.35 km/h) and is capable of traveling submerged at 14 knots (25.9km/h). The submarine is armed with four 533-mm torpedoes.

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