26 May 2024
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Iran court issues sentences over terrorist attack in Shah Cheragh

An Iranian court has handed out death sentences to two men over their involvement in a deadly terrorist attack last October on the Shah Cheragh shrine in the southern city of Shiraz.

Judiciary Chief of Fars Province Kazem Moussavi said on Saturday that the two main culprits of the terrorist attack were convicted of assisting in corruption on earth, armed rebellion and acting against national security.

He said the pair were directly involved in the arming, procurement, logistics and guidance of the main perpetrator of the terrorist attack on the Shah Cheragh.

The Daesh terrorist group claimed responsibility for the attack.

On October 26, 2022, an armedterroristbarged inside the revered holy shrine in Shiraz, killing 15 pilgrims, including women and children, and injuring dozens before he was arrested by security forces.

The terrorist was later pronounced dead at a hospital, succumbing toinjuries sustained during the attack that sent shockwaves across the country.

A few suspects were immediately nabbed and some two weeks laterthe Intelligence Ministryannouncedthe arrest of 26 Takfiri terrorists for involvement in the attack.

The statement saidthe men were nationals of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Tajikistan and Afghanistan, and none of them are Iranians.

Moussavi further said that the two men sentenced to death have confessed that they had been in contact with Daesh ringleaders and helped organize the attack.

The judicial official added that three other defendants in the case were also given prison sentences for five, 15 and 25 years for being members of the Daesh terrorist group and supporting it.

He noted that the verdicts against the five could be appealed before the Supreme Court.

By Press TV

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