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Iran unveils local nominees for Biennial of Illustrations Bratislava

Iran unveils local nominees for Biennial of Illustrations Bratislava
Iran has selected nine books to compete in the 29th Biennial of Illustrations Bratislava (BIB), which will take place from October 4 to December 3 in Slovakia.

The nominees were picked by a jury comprising experts from the Institute for Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults Kanoon, the Childrens Book Council of Iran and Iranian Illustrators Society, Kanoon has announced.

A highlight of the books is Think, Listen, Caw! illustrated by Maryam Tahmasbi.

Babak Saberi is the author of the book published by Tuti Books.

What do you teach to our kids in school? This is something that all parents would like to know. So did Mrs. Crow. She went to her daughters school and asked the principal, Mr. Rabbit, the same question. To caw! answered Mr. Rabbit. Is that it?! Well probably not. Crows already know how to caw. So, what do they teach them at school?

Think, Listen, Caw! is a beautifully illustrated book that highlights the practical side of education and how or when it should be used in life. It also helps children understand their individual values and the importance of their role as constructive members of society.

The Bogey in Mommys Tummy from Tuti Books will also compete in the biennial. Illustrated by Afsaneh Sanei, the book was written by Sahar Hadiqeh.

My God! There is a Bogey in mommys tummy, says the main protagonist in the story. Does it eat everything that goes into moms belly? I know its going to eat me as well! But Im ready! I will put on my Zorro cape and call out: Get ready Bogey!

The Bogey in Mommys Tummy helps children cope with the fear of a new sibling. It aims to explore the point of view of a little child regarding her mothers pregnancy and how this affects her life.

Tuti Books A Magical Sleep illustrated by Mahsa Hedayati has also been nominated.

It is a wordless picture book that dives into the imaginative and creative world of children, where ordinary objects turn extraordinary.

Its late in the evening and time to sleep. What a pity but wait! No ones around. Come on, lets play with the bedsheets! Look! What a beautiful jungle! What a tiger! Be careful not to fall into the lake!

First Things First by writer Farhad Hassanzadeh and illustrator Samaneh Rahbarnia and The Orange Girl written by Asadollah Shabani and illustrated by Mahkameh Shabani also represent Tuti Books in the BIB 2023.

Among the nominees also is An Adventurous Journey through the Knitting Yarn illustrated by Yeganeh Yaqubnejad. Kanoon is the Publisher of the book written by Pari Razavi.

In this book, a little girl and her little brother plunge into knitting yarn, embarking on a trip.

Faranak illustrated by Mojgan Saeidian has also received a nomination. It has been written by Sudabeh Amini based on a story from the Shahnameh, the Persian poet Ferdowsis epic masterpiece. The book was published by Kanoon.

Among the nominees is also the Portuguese edition of The Goat and the Wolf (A Cabra e o Lobo), a Persian folktale illustrated by Iranian artist Ali Buzari. The book has been published by Caraminhoca in Brazil.

Dad with a Hat, Dad without a Hat illustrated by Atefeh Malekiju has also received a nomination. Hassan Esmaeili-Taheri is the writer of the book published by Elmi-Farhangi.

The 29th Biennial of Illustrations Bratislava will be held at the International House of Art for Children BIBIANA.



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