30 May 2024
Saturday 10 December 2022 - 18:20
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Iran summons ambassador over British officials' remarks

The Iranian foreign ministry on Saturday summoned the UK Ambassador to Iran Simon Shercliff over the meddlesome remarks by the British authorities about Iran's internal affairs.

British authorities' support for the terror and riots in Iran, as well asimposing illegal sanctions against a number of Iranian nationals were among the reasons for which Shercliff was summoned to the Iranian foreign ministry

The continuation of UK officials' interventionist remarks about Iran's internal affairs, the support of the British government and media to the recent riots in Iran, and the implosion of hypocritical sanctions against the Iranian citizens by the UK were strongly condemned during the meeting with the ambassador by the Iranian diplomats.

It was also emphasized that the British and London-based media efforts for the continuation of the riots in Iran will get nowhere and will only increase the hatred of the Iranian people towards the British anti-Iranian policies.

The British ambassador was informed that the Islamic Republic of Iran reserves the right to take countermeasures to respond to the sanctions.

Furthermore, the accusations leveled against Tehran for the alleged exports of drones to Russia were strongly rejected, and it was reminded that what has caused the continuation of the conflict in Ukraine is the sending of deadly weapons by Britain and its partners to Kyiv.

Shercliff said in the meeting that he will convey Iran's viewpoints to this respective country at the earliest possible time.



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