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Iran envoy hails Tehran-Islamabad ties in intl. levels

Iran envoy hails Tehran-Islamabad ties in intl. levels
Iranian Ambassador to Pakistan Seyyed Mohammad Ali Hosseini has lauded the bilateral support of Tehran and Islamabad in international bodies.

Seyyed Mohammad Ali Hosseini made the remarks at National Defence University in Pakistan, noting that Tehran-Islamabad mutual support for each other in regional and global forums can be emulated by other countries from the perspective of bilateral and multilateral interactions.

He termed the current level of relations between the two neighboring countries in different sectors as desirable and satisfactory.

There are many capacities to expand and deepen these relationships in various areas, which should be explored and operationalized with the cooperation of the Pakistani side, the diplomat underscored.

Commenting on Irans policies in regional cooperation, Hosseini said that Pakistan has a special place in regional and neighboring politics of the Islamic Republic with a long shared border with Iran.

The centerpiece of Ayatollah Raisi's government's foreign policy is balanced foreign policy, dynamic diplomacy, and intelligent engagement, he pointed out.

One of the foundations of this policy is paying attention to the East and Asia, he said, noting that in this regard, neighborhood policy becomes significant.



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