17 Jul 2024
Saturday 22 October 2022 - 15:14
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Iran FM says Iran received message from US 3 days ago on talks

Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein AmirAbdollahian said on Saturday that the US actions do not match its words and while the Americans support riots in Iran, they send messages to conclude the nuclear talks soon.

"Americans' words are inconsistent with their behavior. Even three days ago, a message was conveyed between the American side and us, and we received a message from the American side. In their exchange of messages, the Americans hasted to reach an agreement as soon as possible," AmirAbdollahian said on the third day of his visit to Armenia on Saturday while speaking to reporters.

"We clearly stated that the accusations made by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) against Iran in the nuclear field should be settled," the foreign minister of Iran said.

He highlighted that the IAEA accusations regarding the safeguards issue must end because they are political allegations imposed on the agency by big powers rather than technical issues.

The top Iranian diplomat further said that while the Americans are continuing to exchange their messages with Iran, they were trying to put pressure on the country by inciting riots recently in order to turn the talks in their favor.

"We will not offer any concessions in the talks to the American side. We move forward within a reasonable framework to reach an agreement that respects Iran's red lines," AmirAbdollahian went on to underscore.

"Meanwhile, we will never leave the negotiating table." he asserted.

He stated the Iranian side's assessment of the messages from the American side even in recent days is that not only do they seek an agreement with Iran as a priority, but also want it hastily.

He said their announced stances are for domestic uses and also to continue to incite rioting elements inside Iran. "This is one of the behavioral paradoxes of the American side," the foreign minister concluded.



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