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Persian language taught regularly in China: Cultural attaché

Persian language taught regularly in China: Cultural attaché
Iran’s cultural attaché in Beijing said that 18 universities in China teach Persian language and literature and seven institutes work on Iranology.

In an interview with IRNA, Abbas-Ali Vafaei said that the Persian language has been in the center of focus since centuries ago, with Muslims in western China being first to be attracted to the Persian language.

Muslims in China, i.e. Uyghur people, have been teaching and learning Golestan book of the Persian poet Saadi even until as recently as 70 years ago in their schools and mosques, as said by Vafaei.

He, however, noted that the Persian language learning in China entered a new chapter since 60 years ago, when the Persian language chair was established in Beijing and Shanghai universities with such great Persian language and literature professors as Jafar Shahidi, Mohammad Dabir-Siyaqi, and Mozaffar Bakhtiyar occupying the chair.

Dozens of students are accepted in academic disciplines related to the Persian language on a yearly basis in China, Vafaei said, noting that Iranian professors are supported by the Chinese government to teach those students.



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