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Thursday 25 August 2022 - 17:22
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Iranís all operations under IAEA inspection: AEOI Chief

Iranís all operations under IAEA inspection: AEOI Chief
Iranian Head of Atomic Energy Organization Mohammad Eslami emphasized that the International Atomic Energy Agency cannot claim Iranís operations are not based on the rules of the Agency.
Mohammad Eslami on the sideline of the Cabinet session on Wednesday told reporters, ďThe Islamic Republic of Iran from the outset has done its own operations in the nuclear field based on the rules and regulations of IAEA, and there is no operation conducted without following related proceduresĒ.

ďAll our operations are under the inspectionof the International Atomic Energy Agency. The Islamic Republic of Iran is committed to NPT and IAEA safeguards, and the Agency cannot claim that Iranís operations are not based on IAEAís inspection and observations,Ē he added.

Eslami stressed, ďThe alleged documents and locations have been forged by the Zionist Regime as the Regime has been accusing us for 20 yearsĒ.

ďWe accepted that IAEA inspection can be expanded to ensure reliability, and in turn, we urged them to lift all those sanctions imposed under the pretext of these allegations,Ē he concluded.


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