5 Dec 2023
Iranian athlete wins 1st women’s weightlifting gold in Islamic Countries Games
National Iranian 81kg weightlifting champion Seyyedeh Elham Hosseini gained the 1st women’s weightlifting gold medal in Iran's sports history in snatch and two bronze medals in clean and jerk and total in 2021 Islamic Countries Solidarity Games.

In her first snatch move Hosseini lifted the 95kg weight and in her second move she lifted the 100kg weight to win the gold medal of the games. In her last move, she could not lift the 103kg weight to record the snatch record and its gold medal.

She had earlier in the clean and jerk lifting first lifted the 117kg weight and in her second move the 123kg weight to win the gold medal of the clean and jerk.

In her third move Hosseini chose the 127kg weight, but could not lift it successfully.

Thus, the Iranian lady gained the bronze medal of clean and jerk and the 3rd place in total of her points. The weightlifter from Turkey ranked 1st and the athlete from Kazakhstan 2nd.



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