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Significant progress made in nuclear talks: spox.

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Nasser Kanani described the recent round of nuclear talks as critical, saying that significant progress has been made in the talks.

Significant progress made in nuclear talks

"Relative progress was achieved, but this progress did not fully reach Iran's legal demands, and we had other expectations from the other side that we believed should be met," Kan'ani said in his daily press conference on Monday.

"The result of the talks was that the EU coordinator, as the mediator of the talks, presented a new summary to the negotiating parties based on the results of the previous talks in Vienna and Doha and the recent talks.These issues needed more consultations. The teams were scheduled to return to the capitals," he added.

Kan'ani went on to say that supplementary negotiations will be held in the capitals andsupplementarycomments will be submitted to Borrell's final and new proposal.

"Serious consultations were held and are ongoing at the highest levels in Tehran," the Iranian diplomat emphasized, adding that the talks are in the stage of progress, but speaking of being close to an agreement at this round of talks depends on meeting Iran's rightful expectations from the other side, especially the American side.

Kan'ani noted that Iran believes that an agreement can be reached if Iran's redlines are respected and the main interests of the country according to the JCPOA are guaranteed.

Reaching an agreement can happen in the very near future if such a situation is provided, according to him.

Iran observing Iraq's developments critically

Turning to the situation in Iraq, Kan'ani stressed that the issues of Iraq are important to Iran and the country observes the developments in Iraq carefully and critically.

Stressing that Iran does not intervene in Iraq's internal affairs, he cited, "In the light of positive and constructive communication with various political currents in Iraq, we are trying to help the political views of this country to come closer together."

Inviting all Iraqi political currents to respect the constitution of this country as a national charter, Kan'ani said that paying attention to national interests can bring stability back to Iraq.

Iran, Kuwait witnessing serious development in ties, coop.

Responding to a question about sending the Kuwaiti ambassador to Tehran, Kan'ani said that Iran and Kuwait are witnessing a serious development in the two countries' relations and cooperation, and the level of relations has been raised to the ambassador level after a few years.

"Of course, our ambassador was present in Kuwait and Kuwait sent its new envoy to Iran. Kuwait was planning to send its new ambassador to Tehran, and this issue can be a prelude to witnessing the promotion of joint cooperation between Iran and neighboring countries in the Persian Gulf region."

Iran rejects connection with Rushdie's assailant

Elsewhere in his remarks, Kan'ani pointed to Salman Rushdie's case and said that he does not blame or condemn anyone in this regard except Rushdie's supporters.

Salman Rushdie exposed himself to the anger and wrath of the people, not only Muslims but all the followers of divine religions by insulting the Islamic sanctities of more than one and a half billion Muslims, as well as crossing the red lines of all the followers of divine religions, he emphasized.

He also strongly rejected the allegations regarding Rushdie's assailant's connection with Iran and said that no one has the right to accuse the Islamic Republic of Iran in this regard.



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