6 Dec 2023
Painting by Ruholamin depicts Imam Hussein (AS) in final farewell to young daughter
Iranian impressionist painter Hassan Ruholamin has unveiled his latest work depicting Imam Hussein (AS) in his final farewell to his three-year-old daughter Roqayyeh (SA).

He published a picture of the painting entitled Daddy on his Instagram on Monday when the country was commemorating the martyrdom anniversary of the Imam and his companions.

The 110 X 130-centimeter oil painting shows the Imam embracing Roqayyeh before going to the battlefield while his horse, named Zuljinah, and the enemy forces can be seen in the background.

In his post, Ruholamin also pays tribute to his teacher Habibollah Sadeqi, a veteran painter who died on July 27.

In the year 680 CE on Ashura, on the tenth day of the lunar month of Muharram, Imam Hussein (AS) and a number of his loyal companions were martyred in a battle against the oppressive Umayyad dynasty.

Ruholamin, who is famous for his paintings on early Islamic historical events, has built up a collection of paintings, including The Sky Fell Down, The Farewell, After Abbas (AS), Are You My Brother?, Monastery of the Monk and Beginning of Silence, which superbly illustrate parts of the epic of Ashura.

The Sky Fell Down, featuring the last moments of the life of Imam Hussein (AS), is a highlight of the collection.

The painting depicts the Imam on his horse, severely injured by arrows, while the enemy is waiting to bring down the Imam.

Ruholamin spent nine months doing the painting, which was unveiled at the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art in November 2018.

Monastery of the Monk is another artwork from his Ashura collection.

The painting depicts the meeting of a monk with Khawli ibn Yazid al-Asbahi, a member of Umar ibn Sads army, when he was taking the head of Imam Hussein (AS) to Yazid ibn Muawiya, the second caliph of the Umayyad dynasty, after the Ashura event.

The artist has also blended modern events and with stories from Islamic history in some of his works.

The Apocalyptic Companion of Aba Abdillah is one of the paintings, which was created in memory of Quds Force commander Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani just hours after his assassination in a U.S. air raid in Baghdad on January 3, 2020.

The painting depicts Soleimanis remains embraced by Imam Hussein (AS).



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