27 Feb 2024
Monday 8 August 2022 - 17:21
Story Code : 399029

Iran condemns desecration of Islamic sanctities in Germany

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman strongly condemned the provocative action of a small number of opponents in desecrating Holy Quran and insulting Islamic sanctities in front of Islamic Center of Hamburg in Germany.

This heinous act is a clear example of sedition and spreading hatred and it is strongly condemned by all Muslims, monotheists and those with a pure conscience as well as those who believe in coexistence and dialogue between religions, Nasser Kanani stated.

He also warned about the dangerous consequences of such seditious actions and added that such audacities towards Islamic sanctities are another aspect of extremism, ISIL-Takfiri violence, so that dealing with such heinous acts shall be borne by the governments as claimants of human rights, freedom and democracy.

While holding the German government accountable for this incident, the Iranian Foreign Ministry is waiting for Germany's immediate, strong and clear reaction in dealing with the perpetrators of this insulting act and quick judicial follow-up to prevent the repetition of such heinous actions.

The seditious acts, which are aided and abetted by global arrogance and Zionism, show that Muslims and Islamic states should enhance unity in the face of enemies plots, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman added.



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