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Sunday 31 July 2022 - 21:01
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Turkiye to dispach 2nd humanitarian aid cargo to Iran

Turkiye to dispach 2nd humanitarian aid cargo to Iran
The Ministry of Defense of Turkiye announced on Twitter that the second cargo plane of the Turkish Air Force is ready to transfer Turkish humanitarian aid to the victims of the recent floods in Iran.

The second cargo plane carrying Turkiye's humanitarian aid to flood-hitten areas in Iran is ready to fly to this country after loading its cargo, according to the Turkish ministry.

Earlier on Saturday, Turkiye's Defense Ministry said it will send another plane to deliver aid materials to Iran after heavy rain caused deadly flooding, Anadolu Agency reported.

A transport plane belonging to our Air Force, which will deliver the aid materials such as tents and blankets needed due to the flood disaster in Iran, departed from Ankara Etimesgut Airport. Another plane is planned to set off for the area, it wrote on Twitter.

The death toll stands at 69 from devastating flash floods that have wreaked havoc across Iran in recent days, according to officials. A weather alert is in place.



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