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Tuesday 14 June 2022 - 18:54
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Two Iranian oil tankers dock at Syrian shores

A Syrian newspaper reported on Tuesday that two Iranian oil tankers docked at the Syrian waters on Monday after agreements reached between Iran and Syria during the Syrian presidents recent trip to Tehran.

The Syrian daily Al-Watan quoted informed sources as saying that two Iranian tankers docked off the Syrian coast on Monday, June 13th and wrote that this was the first sign of a new credit line between Iran and Syria has become operational.

The newspaper said on Tuesday that the tankers will be received according to pre-planned timetables and without any delays."

The daily quoted the sources as adding that the reason for the delay in Iranian tankers' arrivalat the Syrian waters in recent months was due to reforms in the credit line mechanism between the two countries after the new government in Iran took office.

The paper added that stepping up the implementation of the agreements was one of the topics discussed by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad during his recent visit to Tehran.

It also cited an informed source in the Syrian oil ministry as saying that Syria will see a breakthrough in meeting the need for oil-related materials inside the country such as gasoline from tomorrowafter the arrival of two tankers carrying nearly two million tons of crude oil at the Banyas refinery.

The refining process will begin immediately, and the required quantities of oil derivatives will be distributed according to previous plans in all Syrian provinces.

Syria has faced difficulties in meeting its domestic need for oil-related items.

Last week, the Iranian Ambassador to Syria, Mehdi Sobhani, in an interview withAl-Watan pointed to the importance of the Syrian President's visit to Tehran and foretelling "new achievements of that trip in relations between the two countries in the near future."



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