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Monday 6 June 2022 - 22:22
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FM: Iran continues to support resistance of Palestinians

Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian said here on Monday that neither they will pass the rights of the Iranians in the negotiations nor ignore the rights of the Muslim people of Palestine in the Palestinian issue, and Iran will continue to support the resistance of the Palestinians.

Amirabdollahian met and held talks with a group of political leaders and officials from Palestinian and Lebanese groups attending the 33rd anniversary of Imam Khomeini's demise in Tehran.

Pointing to Imam Khomeinis thoughts on the Palestinian issue and Quds as a special plus strategic position, Amirabdollahian said that Imam Khomeini considered Palestine as the first priority of the Islamic world.

He added that along with Imam Khomeini's view, SupremeLeaderof the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has also a particular concern for the issue of the liberation of Palestine and believes in the liberation of the entire land of Palestine from the occupation of usurper Zionists.

Referring to Iran's comprehensive support for the Palestinian Resistance, Amirabdollahian highlighted that the Islamic Republic of Iran will not step back from its principled stance despite all the pressures.

Stressing that neither in the negotiations will they pass the rights of the Iranians, nor in the case of Palestine, will they ignore the rights of the Muslim nation of Palestine, the Iranian top diplomat added that they will continue to support the resistance of the Palestinians.

Describing the attempts of some Islamic countries in establishing and normalizing relations with the Zionist regime as a betrayal of the Palestinian cause, Amirabdollahian underscored that they will regret their attempts.

He described the fundamental solution to the Palestinian issue as the returning of displaced Palestinians and holding a referendum among the original inhabitants of the land.

In this meeting, the leaders and representatives of the political movements and the Palestinian and Lebanese Resistance groups presented a report on the latest political developments in Palestine and Lebanon.

They appreciated the support of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the Palestinian and Lebanese Resistance.



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