18 Jul 2024
Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei says recent developments in Palestine and across the world have sounded the death knell for all plots for compromise with the Israeli regime.
"What has happened in Palestine in recent years is a seal of annulment on all schemes for compromise with the Zionist enemy. This is due to the fact that no plan for Palestine is implementable in the absence of Palestine or against the consent of its owners, the Palestinians," Ayatollah Khamenei stated.
The Leader made the remarks in a live televised speech on Friday on the occasion of the International Quds Day.

The Leader emphasized that all former agreements such as the Oslo Deal, the Arabian two-state solution, the Deal of the Century and the recent humiliating attempts for the normalization of relations have been nullified.

Ayatollah Khamenei also lauded the Iranian nation for gloriously marking the day.

The Leader urged all Muslims in the world to pay due attention to the International Quds Day and the Holy al-Quds.
"The truth is that as long as the usurping, criminal Zionist regime is dominating al-Quds, all days of the year should be considered Quds Day. The Holy al-Quds is the heart of Palestine, and the entirety of Palestine, from the River to the Sea, is al-Quds spread out."
Ayatollah Khamenei commended the Palestinian youths for acting as a "defensive shield" for Palestine with their self-sacrificing deeds that are harbingers of a "different future."
"The Palestinian nation is showing every day that it has stood up and will stand up against the oppressor with an exemplary courage."
The Leader said this years Quds Day comes at a time when a new "equation in Palestines present and future" has emerged.

"Today, an 'invincible willpower' in Palestine and throughout West Asia has replaced the 'invincible army' of the Zionists. Today, that criminal army has been forced to turn its aggressive formation into a defensive one," the Leader stated.

In the political arena today, Ayatollah Khamenei said, "the most important supporter of the usurping regime, the United States, has suffered consecutive defeats" including failure in Afghanistan, in its maximum pressure policy against Iran, in the face of Asian powers, in efforts to control the world economy, and in the management of its own domestic affairs.

The Leader said the Zionist regime is wallowing in a convoluted network of problems in political and military arenas alike. The former butcher and criminal, who was at the top of that regime, was thrown into the dustbin of history following the epic of Operation al-Quds Sword. Every hour his current successors await the sharp blade of another epic.

Ayatollah Khamenei pointed to the recent developments in the West Bank refugee camp of Jenin, which have enraged Israel to the point of madness. The usurping regime killed 200 people in the Jenin refugee camp 20 years ago in response to the death of a few Zionists in Nahariya with the purpose of forever concluding the case of Jenin.
The Leader said polls show almost 70% of the Palestinians in the 1948 and 1967 lands and in the surrounding camps encourage their leaders to carry out attacks on the Israeli regime. This is an important phenomenon because it signifies the complete preparedness of the Palestinians to confront the regime and it provides the mujahid organizations with the freedom to take action whenever they deem necessary.
The Leader said all of Palestine has turned into an arena of resistance thanks to the jihadi moves of the Palestinian people in the northern and southern parts of the 1948 lands and, at the same time, the massive rallies in Jordan and East al-Quds.
The Israeli regime, the Leader said, continues to kill innocent people even though it is out of breath. It murders unarmed women, children, the elderly and the youth. It imprisons and tortures them, destroys houses and demolishes farms and property.
Ayatollah Khamenei criticized certain Europeans and Americans who make extravagant claims about human rights and create a commotion on the issue of Ukraine, but keep silent in the face of all the crimes in Palestine.

The Leader said it was now important for Muslims not to rely on racist and hostile powers on the issues of the Muslim world on top of which stands the Palestinian issue.

Ayatollah Khamenei described the formation of resistance in West Asia in recent decades as the most blessed phenomenon in this region and said, It was the magnificence of the resistance that was able to cleanse Lebanons occupied territories of the Zionists, pull Iraq out from the clutches of the US, save Iraq from the maliciousness of Daesh and assist Syrian defenders in the face of the US schemes.

The Leader praised the self-sacrificing Palestinian youths in the West Bank and in the 1948 lands, those who are struggling for God in the Jenin refugee camp and for al-Quds and Gaza, and those in camps outside Palestine.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Ayatollah Khamenei reiterated Irans support for the Palestinian resistance.
We have always said this; we have always acted on this; and we have stood by it. We condemn the treacherous move to normalize relations [with Israel].
Referring to some Arab governments call for the US to rapidly solve the Palestinian issue, the Leader said, If they mean that before leaving the region, they (Americans) should remove any obstacle to stabilizing the usurping [Israeli] regime, they first of all have behaved treacherously and have brought disgrace to the Arab world. Secondly, they have been naive since this is a case of the blind leading the blind.



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