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Govt. highlights developing intl. health relations

Developing international health relations with different countries and organizations is one of the government's strategies, Health Minister Bahram Einollahi said on Tuesday.

He made the remarks in a symposium with a group of foreign ambassadors and representatives of international organizations and agencies in Iran.

Now, our communication is not operational at the management level, which can be raised to higher levels and efficient results can be achieved by creating specialized working groups in the fields of education, research, and technology.

Based on innovative indicators of health technology development in 2021, Iran was ranked 60th among 132 countries.In this regard, by forming a bank of scientific resources and ideas, we can share our valuable experiences.

Fortunately, the young generation of Iran has reached great achievements by creating knowledge-based firms. We are ready to increase the level of cooperation in this field by defining joint projects.

Health affects all political, social and economic dimensions of societies, he said, adding, therefore, we suggest to all foreign embassies to plan and act specifically for health by appointing a health deputy in their system.

Iran is ready to cooperate with other countries in holding international conferences in the field of health, he concluded.

Health development

Based on innovative indicators of health technology development in 2021, Iran was ranked 60th among 132 countries, which shows an improvement of 60 steps compared to 2014, the deputy health minister for research and technology, has announced.

A total of 1,670 knowledge-based firms are operating in the health sector, ISNA quoted Younes Panahi as saying.

He added that there are 13 science and technology parks and 95 technology growth centers in the field of health, while 343 technological products have so far been licensed, and 335 inventions in medical sciences have been patented.

The health technology development is evaluated by the Global Innovation Index with seven indicators, including institutional structure, human capital and research, infrastructure, market and business complexity, technological knowledge, and creativity, he explained.



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