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Advertising agency in Iran among top digital marketing firms

Advertising agency in Iran among top digital marketing firms
Zigma8 Digital Marketing Agency specializes in the know-how, along with the cultural insight required for running a digital marketing campaign in Iran.

Digital advertising has been a giant money-making machine for the likes of Google and Facebook. Precision tools in targeted advertising on Google and Facebook have enabled many small and big firms to close in on their target segments. Any individual with a credit card and basic knowledge of social media could run targeted ad campaigns with over 85% precision. But the real challenge is measuring engagement and the ultimate return on the ad-spent, vis-a-vis sales.

Since the advertising tools on Google and Facebook have been designed to devour enormous sums of cash from the ad-runner(s), it is vital to understand how to target and what to communicate with the target segment. The struggle to create and maximize engagement and ROI becomes even more dreadful in a place like Iran where Google and Facebooks advertising platforms are blocked. In fact, many international businesses willing to enter Iran find it difficult to circumvent the restrictions on digital advertising platforms. Even in many cases, global organizations lack the knowledge and cultural insight into the market of Iran, and inevitably their digital advertising campaigns fall short.

The failure of global companies in running marketing campaigns in Iran is understandable since they are unfamiliar with the processes and dynamics of working with a digital marketing andadvertising agency in Iran. Many are unsure whether their designated agency would be able to deliver on the campaign promise. There are several factors and many moving pieces that can determine the success of a digital advertising campaign; like restrictions from social media companies for Iranian users, limitations on social media by the Iranian government as well as the cultural aspects.

However, the reluctance of global businesses to work with local advertising agencies in Iran is unfounded. The misconception that only non-Iranian agencies can deliver acceptable work to their client is exactly the reason why their digital campaign lacks the cultural touch and excitement. Even though the likes of Google and Facebook have been withholding their latest updates from Iran, many Iranian companies and firms have been keeping up with the pace with maximum creativity. One of those agencies recognized as a leader in the marketing industry in Iran is Zigma8. Zigma8 is one of the leading digital marketing agencies in Iran and the Middle East.

Zigma8 Digital Marketing Agency specializes in the know-how, along with the cultural insight required for running a digital marketing campaign in Iran. The agency has recently been recognized as one of the top Experiential Marketing Companies in the world on theSuperb Companies 2021 Featured List.Zigma8 sits on the list along with other top agencies like Bishop-McCann in the US, and Giants & Gentlemen (G&G) in Toronto, Canada. Zigma8s founder and Chief Creative, Dr. Mir Damoon Mir, says about the featured listing on Superb Companies: SuperbCompanies honored us with the title ofTop Digital Marketing CompanyandTop Experiential Marketing Agency, but we see it as much as an achievement for our customers in Iran, too.

Dr. Mir explains that the recognition is not solely for Zigma8, but in fact, a win for all Iranian companies, as they are put on the map, and international businesses would be more inclined to work with Iranian companies. In Dr. Mirs words, SuperbCompanies Featured Listing opens new doors for businesses in Iran to get to know the right people on the global stage: It's so promising when the values you build locally are seen by the connoisseurs in the field globally. Further adding that: The badge of Top Digital Marketing Company and Top Experiential Marketing Agency awarded by SuperbCompanies.com is sure a peacock feather in the cap of Zigma8.

Digital marketing planning is an oversaturated, overcrowded field with so many players who claim to know its ins and outs. Accessibility and low friction in starting a digital campaign on Google or Facebook are so simple that anyone with a credit card can reach up to 85% precision on segmentation and targeting. But what most ignore or do not quite understand is what is communicated to the target audience, and how it is communicated. An integrated understanding of all the moving pieces in digital marketing like algorithms, content quality, cultural adaptability of the content, and circumventing the blockades seems to be critical. The marriage between creativity and skillfulness in beautifully executing the vision is what makes a digital marketing agency thrive in an overcrowded field.

Irans marketing community is honored that Zigma8, an Iranian advertising agency, has been recognized as a top digital marketing company and the top experiential marketing agency in the world. An agency that not only helps local and global brands be seen in Irans market but also strives to direct the spotlight onto other Iranian marketing agencies.



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