27 May 2024
Sunday 24 April 2022 - 14:28
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Spanish students interested in Persian literature course

Spanish students interested in Persian literature course
Two Iranian professors held an introductory course on classic Persian literature in University of Crdoba which was widely received by Spanish students.

Hossein Aliakbari Harehdasht and Leyla Hajjari, professors at Persian Gulf University (PGU), held a weeklong course in University of Crdoba on poetry of the 12th century poet Omar Khayyam, Director of PGU International Affairs and Overseas Students said.

Arash Khosravi said that the course was held in the framework of Erasmus program and 80 Spanish students took part in the classes.

Omar Khayyam, aPersianpolymath,mathematician,astronomer,historian,philosopher, andpoet, is best known for his poetry and designing the Persian calendar which is still in use with some modifications as the official calendar in Iran.



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