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War inflicts worst humanitarian catastrophe on Yemenis: Iran

War inflicts worst humanitarian catastrophe on Yemenis: Iran
The Islamic Republic of Iran has condemned the Saudi-led conflict on Yemen, which has left the impoverished country with the worst humanitarian crisis of the current century.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran issued a statement on Thursday on the seventh anniversary of the Saudi war on Yemen.
Following is the ministry's statement:
The destructive war and cruel siege of the Yemeni people by the so-called alliance is now entering its eighth year, which has inflicted the worst humanitarian catastrophe of the century on the country. The direct and indirect aftermaths of the conflict have affected most of all civilians, including women and innocent children, and ruined crucial infrastructure as well as health facilities, livelihood, economy and education in Yemen.
The aggressive coalition has not suffice to pound the country within seven years of war, but resorted to inhuman and illegal siege as a leverage to squeeze political and military concessions. The coalition is inflicting the harshest economic war and severest blockade on the people via denying any land, air and maritime paths in order to prevent from importing food, fuel and other essential needs.
The inhuman crime of the coalition takes place in light of weapons sale by their Western supporters especially the United States and double standard by the United Nations Security Council, which led to continuation of violating all international regulations and human rights in Yemen crisis.
The Islamic Republic of Iran backs any effort and fair initiative to lift siege, reach ceasefire and initiate negotiation among Yemeni fractions without foreign interference supported by the United Nations, because the only way out of the crisis is political resolution.
The Yemen war kicked off in March 2015, when Saudi Arabia and its allies started pounding Yemeni cities.



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