18 Jul 2024
The head of Irans Civil Defense Organization says the US is left with no military option to resort to in encountering Iran, and therefore, has changed its approach to avoiding war with the Islamic Republic.
The Americans have no option in the military sector and they pursue the approach of avoiding war with us, said Brigadier General Gholam-Reza Jalali,addressing worshipers at Friday Prayers in Tehran.
That is why we are witnessing a new hybrid model of war from them, in which war occurs at the level of infrastructures, some of which rely on modern technologies that we use, General Jalali noted.

He explained that civil defense strategies are new, scientific, deep, and layer-by-layer in infrastructure.
Today, when we see the enemy attacking the fuel system, it is a piece of hybrid warfare pattern in which cyber technology is used to disrupt the system and impose its consequences on the people, he said.
The Americans have started a new war with us, known as the hybrid war, the general reiterated. This war involves a combination of technological components that can be turned into protest pressure and cut off services needed by the people.

Hence, it is a bridge between technology, services, and infrastructure and transferring them to the sphere of peoples lives. So this war has three basic dimensions that we need to pay attention to.

Service providers need to take passive defense warnings seriously, in which case the accuracy of their actions can be very effective. For example, our hospitals need to have an emergency power generator, and it is not acceptable for a hospital to have its services disrupted by a power outage.


Source: Press TV
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