21 Jul 2024
Wednesday 1 September 2021 - 21:41
Story Code : 390867

US presence disruptive to regional security, stability: Raisi

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi said on Wednesday that the history of the US presence in different parts of the world indicates that such presence has never helped to restoring the security, but on the contrary it has been detrimental to security, stability and tranquility.

Referring to two decades of the US presence in Afghanistan, the Iranian president said that if we look only at the number of women and children who have been killed, injured or maimed in Afghanistan over these years, we will see what a catastrophic tragedy has been going on in that country".

Noting that the American government has to be held accountable by the public opinion of the world, Raisi said that the US is instead launching propaganda campaigns against other countries.

Elaborating on the foreign policy plans of his government, President Raisi vowed to make every effort to bolster trade and economic cooperation with Iran's neighboring countries.
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