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Tuesday 20 July 2021 - 18:08
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Iran's Govt. spox. rejects receiving letter from Joe Biden

Regarding the rumors that Biden sent a letter to Iran, Government Spokesman said that this is just the speculation of the media and the official authorities do not confirm such a thing.

Iran's position on JCPOA based on instructions of supreme decision-making bodies

In response to a question that these days, simultaneously withthe end of Rouhani's administration, there is a lot of speculation about the reasons for the not signing of the new agreement on the return to JCPOA,Ali Rabiei in his weekly press conference on Tuesday said, "As far as the powers of the Twelfth administration are concerned, the main part of the negotiations has taken place and the initial agreements have been reached on the lifting of most of the sanctions."

"However, the committee formed in the Supreme National Security Council, which is responsible for implementing the text of the memorandum with the law of the Parliamentapproved in December 2020, has recognized this memorandum as incompatible with it.Thus, with the final decision of the supreme decision-making bodies that the negotiations will continue until all the demands set forth in this law are met, the negotiations will be postponed until after the complete transfer of the administration, and the new negotiating team will be responsible for it," he added.

"The principled positions of the Islamic Republic of Iran regarding the JCPOA have always been prepared and followed according to the instructions of the supreme decision-making bodies."

Rabieirejects receiving letter from Joe Biden

Answering aquestion about rumors that US President Joe Biden sent a letter to Iran, Rabiei said, "Thisis just the speculation of the media and the official authorities do not confirm such a thing."

US responsible for any delays inrelease of prisoners

Referring to the issue ofthe exchange of 10 prisoners between Iran and the US, the spokesman said, "Iran hasrepeatedly in recent years expressed its readiness to exchange prisoners in order to preserve the human dignity of detainees and their families."

"Our declaration of readiness was not limited to Mr. Biden's administration, and if that had not happened to date, it would have been because of the unpreparedness of the previous and current US administrations.Unfortunately, contrary to the understandings reached, the US government has linked the release of prisoners to the JCPOA negotiations for unclear and unacceptable reasons" he added.

He also urged the US government to abandon this unconstructive approach and focus more on prisoners' human rights and their loved ones than on current political issues. "Needless to say, the US government is responsible for any delays in the release of prisoners."

Bilateral talks between Iran, Saudi Arabia continuing via appropriate channels

Regarding the process of talks between Iran and Saudi Arabia, he said, "Regional negotiations are a constant necessity, and so far we have emphasized regional dialogue between the countries of the region.The Islamic Republic of Iran, based on its principled positions, has always wanted to maintain peace and security in the Persian Gulf region."

"We have always welcomed dialogue to achieve positive results, andwe look at the negotiations with Saudi Arabia in a positive light," he added. "Bilateral talks between Iran and Saudi Arabia is continuingthrough appropriate channels.We are committed to continuing consultations to resolve all disputes between the two countries, and if there is a need to raise the level of dialogue and it is agreed, we have no restrictions."

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