11 Dec 2023
IRGC Quds Force Commander Brigadier General Esmaeil Ghaani said on Saturday that the Israeli regime must think of the time when it would have to hand over the control of occupied lands to Palestinians.

Speaking on the commemoration ceremony of Deputy Commander of the Quds Force General Mohammad Hejazi, Ghaani hailed the late generalís struggles in the battleground that has led to the capacity that Palestinian Resistance stands against the Israeli regime when it invades with all of its force.

Ghaani said that the Resistance fired the highest number of missiles and showed that the Israeli regimeís so-called Iron Dome was an empty brag of the regime to its people.

The Israeli regime cannot disable Palestinian strugglers by bullets and weapons anymore, because the Resistance manufactures all of its weaponry within its geography, including the 3000 missiles fired to the occupied lands during the recent Twelve-Day War, Ghaani underscored.

He also stated that Palestinians must prepare from now on to impose Palestinian administration over the 1948 and†1967 lands and the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli regime, too, must think of the time it would have to hand over the control of occupied lands to Palestinians, said the commander, advising the Israelis who sold their properties in Europe and the US and moved to Palestine to go back to where they came from before those properties go expensive.
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