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Wednesday 6 January 2021 - 13:36
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Iranian drones launch air-to-air missiles on 2nd day of drills

Iranian drones launch air-to-air missiles on 2nd day of drills
The Iranian Air Defenses unmanned aircraft equipped with air-to-air missiles, guns, and heavy bombs accomplished missions in a military exercise underway in Irans province of Semnan.

On the second day of the large-scale drone war game involving various divisions of the Iranian Army, the homegrown Karrar drones took the lead on Wednesday.

Acting as an interceptor aircraft for the Air Defense units, Karrar drones detonated hostile targets with Azarakhsh (lightning) air-to-air missiles at high altitudes.

The homegrown drones also hit other aerial targets with a mechanized gun and laid MK-82 bombs weighing 500 lb (227 kg) on ground targets and the hypothetical enemys fortifications.

The spokesperson for the war game said the Armys combat drones also took part a massive patrol and surveillance operation to control the countrys boundaries with advanced electronic systems and optical devices.

Admiral Mahmoud Mousavi noted that the Iranian long-range combat drones are capable of hitting targets within a range of 2,000 kilometers.

Various pilotless aircraft are taking part in the drill for different operations including aerial interception, the launch of air-to-air missiles, detonation of ground targets with bombs and missiles with pinpoint accuracy, and suicide strikes.
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