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Future of transportation industry during COVID-19 pandemic

Future of transportation industry during COVID-19 pandemic
Mohammadreza Dezfulian, one of entrepreneurs and managers of the logistics and transportation industry, has, in an analysis, weighed in on the importance of this industry during the coronavirus outbreak, its future and the necessity of offering special support to drivers working in this industry.

A drop in demand in different sectors of the industry and an increase in vacancies, the need for healthy and trained workforce, unpredictable transportation restrictions in certain countries and an increase in the length of time spent on inspecting the transportation fleet will be among the major challenges facing the transportation industry until the end of the year 2021, said the entrepreneur on the effects of the COVID-19 virus on the future of the pandemic.

Moreover, the transportation industry is one of the worlds most important industries during the coronavirus pandemic. The need for providing the main supplies needed by factories as well as timely and prompt distribution and supply of products, namely medicines, hygienic items and foodstuff, to consumers across the world via online shopping, makes the need for utilizing the best fleets and workforce and easing regulations all the more necessary, Mohammadreza Dezfulian added.

At a time when some countries have introduced special transportation regulations, the prompt supply of raw materials for companies producing foodstuff, medicines and hygienic items requires a dynamic fleet and the prediction of the situation in critical conditions, says Dezfulian.

Trained workforce and transportation fleet are two key contributors to the success of logistics and transportation during the coronavirus pandemic, he said.

As for the fleet and equipment, logistics and transportation firms should be able to improve their fleet and resources management skills; however, the bigger challenge exists on the human front as drivers, in particular, are very much exposed to coronavirus infection because of travelling to various areas, the entrepreneur added.

Human resources in the logistics and transportation industry, especially drivers, are at the frontline of fighting the coronavirus pandemic because, on the one hand, they shoulder the important responsibility of sending and distributing vital items, goods and medicines across the world and, on the other, they themselves as well as their families are highly likely to contact coronavirus as they travel to different locations, Mohammadreza Dezfulian said.

So, he noted, it is highly important to support drivers in the transportation industry.

Whether we intend to send vital goods, namely medicines and basic commodities, to other parts of the world, or we want to maintain the chain of supplies to factories during the coronavirus pandemic, it is necessary to pay due regard to the drivers community and their health, he added.

Furthermore, illness and drivers infection with the COVID-19 virus not only stops the supply of goods and jeopardizes the chain of supplying commodities across the world, but can also further spread the disease as individuals working in this industry naturally travel a lot, Mohammadreza Dezfulian said.
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