19 Jul 2024
Monday 26 October 2020 - 13:55
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US regime cruel collaborator of coronavirus: Iran foreign ministry

Iranian foreign ministry named US regime a 'cruel collaborator' of the deadly coronavirus in Iran.

"Corona's proven deadly, vicious & brutal everywhere, but it's worse in Iran as it has a cruel collaborator: US regime," it wrote in a tweet on Monday.

"UShas elevated max pressure to Health Terrorism & targeted Iranian ppl w/ inhuman sanx while they're fighting the pandemic. We'll overcome but NEVER forget," the ministry added.

The Iranian Health Ministry has confirmed 6,191 COVID-19 infections and 296 deaths due to the disease by Sunday.

Irans Health Ministry Spokesperson Sima Lari made the announcement on the day, saying that the number of total coronavirus cases in the country has so far reached 568,896 with the death toll standing at 32,616.

The country has been fighting the pandemic under the toughest US sanctions regime.


Source: MNA
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