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Monday 21 September 2020
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22 oil, gas fields under study by Iran universities

SHANA -- The CEO of the National Iranian Oil Company said: "Including the first 9 contracts of the research study plan to enhance oil recovery from oil and gas fields that was previously signed and 13 contracts that were signed in this regard today, a total of 20 oil and 2 gas field technological studies have been awarded to universities and research centers.

Massoud Karbasian on Monday, September 21, at the signing ceremony of 13 major oil industry research contracts, briefly reviewed the history of this type of interaction between the National Iranian Oil Company and universities and research centers, and said: Scientific and research cooperation and research in field-based contracts kicked off in 2014 for the first time with the aim of identifying scientific and practical solutions to enhance recovery in oil and gas reservoirs.

He said the first series of such contracts were worth Rls. 2,930 billion and roughly 14 million to be carried out in a 10-year period.

Another plan called Fast Track Study in the period of 6 to 12 months is also underway, the purpose of which is to estimate the amount of in-place hydrocarbons, recoverable reserves and recovery rate, provide a forecast profile of well production in each of the proposed well-oriented scenarios, provide different scenarios to increase field production by solving surface installation problems, and provide the final report on the scenarios of enhance oil production as well as prioritizing and economically estimating their implementation, the official added.

According to Karbasian, the reserves of these 9 fields are a total of 36% of the total volume of oil reserves in the country (41% of recoverable oil), which has been assigned to universities in the contract of 9 fields.

He described the progress of the 9-field technological development plan as about 20%, and said in addition to the experts of the National Iranian Oil Company and its subsidiaries, about 217 people, including 109 active faculty members, and about 260 master's theses and 45 doctoral dissertations have also been defined.
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