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Sunday 13 September 2020 - 16:17
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Iran western borders resume normal activities lifting lockdown

IRNA Border restrictions to contain coronavirus pandemic were lifted on Mehran and Shalamcheh, western Iran. with resumption of normal activities.

Iranian Customs Administration spokesman Roohollah Latifi said that upon the agreement of Iraqi officials, Mehran border had increased its working days from two days a week to four days.

He added that Mehran border will be open the whole week except Friday for doing customs protocols.

Chazabeh Border will also be active for exports affairs entire days of the week.

Chazabeh was the last common border with Iraq reopened after six months closure.

Meanwhile, deputy head of Arvand Free Zone Organization Office for investment affairs Ali Mousavi said that time limitations for exports from Shalamche Boder have been removed.

He noted that upon the agreement of Iraqi prime minister, Shalamcheh border customs office will be active for exports entire days of the week.
He added that fruits, vegetables, food supplies, construction materials, minerals and steel are among the products which are mostly exported through Shalamcheh to Iraq.

Earlier on Saturday, Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi paid a visit to Bashmaq cross-border customs office in Iraqi Kurdistan region on Friday night, according to local media.

During his visit, al-Kadhimi was briefed about the transit of goods at Bashmaq border post and the customs office set up to handle border trade between Iran and Iraqi Kurdistan region.
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