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Rouhani inaugurates important oil, gas projects

Rouhani inaugurates important oil, gas projects
MNA Iranian President Hassan Rouhani inaugurated three major oil, gas and petrochemical projects via videoconference on Monday.

Phase I of Bushehr Petrochemical Plant, Iran Gas Trunklines 9 and 6 and West Karoun Oil Cluster power plant were inaugurated by Rouhani.

The major gas transmission projects will boost gas transfer capacity of the National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC) by 110 million cubic meters per day, according to Shana.

The trunklines, together 1,850 km long, entail 5 compressors from Assaluyeh, southern Iran, to Miandoab, northwest of the country.

This pipelines will enable more stable gas exports to the western and northwestern neighbors of the country as the main customers of Iranian gas.

Iran currently exports gas to Iraq, Turkey, Armenia and Azerbaijan, and the operation of the pipeline will pave the way for increased exports and even new gas export contracts.

Also, Bushehr Petrochemical Plants gas sweetening, ethane and methanol units with an annual production capacity of 4 million tons were inaugurated by video conference by order of the President.

The plant is being developed in 70 hectares of land with the aim of producing 6 million tons per year of methanol, ethylene, ethylene glycols, heavy polyethylene, acetic acid and vinyl acetate.

The first phase of the project generates 370 million annually for the country. It also provides jobs for 1,500 people.

It operates as the only plant to be fed by sour gas from upstream operations with an annual production capacity of 1,323 tons of methane, 850,000 tons of ethane, 130,000 tons of propane, 30,000 tons of butane, 3,000 tons of pentane plus (C5 +), 125,000 tons of sulfur and 1,650 tons of methanol.

The project has cost a total of 1.322 billion. Shastan Holding and Maroon Petrochemical Company are the main shareholders of this project and the required budget for construction of the project has been provided through foreign financing and by the shareholders.

The third project that was inaugurated today is a power plant and ancillary facilities in West Karoun oil fields cluster.

Objectives of the construction plan of West Karoun power plant with 492 MW of capacity, are construction of 400 and 230 kV substations to supply electricity to West Karoun oil fields cluster, construction of 150 km of 230 and 400 kV transmission lines, construction of 20 km of water transmission pipeline and construction of a treatment plant suitable for supplying water to the power plant and constructing a gas pressure reduction station to supply gas to the power plant.

The contract for construction of this power plant is a B.O.O type and the type of contract for the construction of ancillary facilities is EPC-PC-C and the project has been carried out by Iranian contractors.

The plant is 45 km southwest of Ahvaz, southwestern Iran, adjacent to the NGL3200 plant and was erected in a matter of 5 months.
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