11 Dec 2023
Thursday 13 August 2020
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US needs terrorists in region: Bashar al-Assad

MNA Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said that the United States is in desperate need of terrorists in the region including ISIL terrorist group and seeks to support terrorists using Caesar sanctions law against Syria.

Speaking to the members of the Peoples Assemblys third legislative term on Wednesday, he said, Electing your noble council is a historic stage of the war phases that our people wrote their details through their electoral pens and their will, according to SANA.

The President added that the elections you lately run were different, thus, in spite of coronavirus epidemic and its effect in the abstention of some people to take part in, there were multiplicity in the lists and a true competition, and this competition is a patriotic movement and any national movement is positive because it reflects the patriotic commitment, according to Syria's news agency (SANA).

The President added, We heard a lot of criticism about the peoples Assemblys elections, and part of that might be true, but the most important positive side is to see our problems in a true manner.

War will not prevent us from assuming our duties, and the power of peoples in adapting with the conditions and yielding them for their interests, he affirmed.

President al-Assad added that Caesar Act is not a separate state of what had come of the blockade stages that have caused big damage to the Syrian people.

The US needs terrorists in the region, on top, ISIL terrorist group also DAESH, and it wanted from Caesar Act to express its support to the terrorists, the President reiterated.

He added that the Israeli aggressions on Deir Ezzor came to facilitate the movement of ISIL terrorists.

President al-Assad said that responding to the blockade will be through production and self-dependence.

He added that we have to remember that our standing by the army was the reason behind all its achievements and our support to the Syrian Pound will be the reason for its power.

He added we are in the heart of war and we are talking about the liberation of different lands and regions, however, the return of state authority will be through the return of the rule of law, and not only the liberation of the lands, because Law and corruption cannot meet in one place.

Homeland cant withstand while its being snapped by terrorists and looted by corrupters, the President said.

The president reaffirmed that Golan remains in the heart of every honest Syrian, its status wont be changed by the annexation decision of the government of a Zionist entity or an immoral US regime, and our right to regain it is inseparable from our right to liberate all our lands from terrorism.

The President said that we have to think about what could secure the livelihood of the citizen and distance him from poverty and we have to boost hope and work because without them there is no meaning for life.
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