18 Jul 2024
Tuesday 11 August 2020 - 17:37
Story Code : 381499

Trump abusing Iran arms embargo to win 2020 election

MNA A former Iranian diplomat believes US efforts to extend the arms embargo on Iran aim to influence the 2020 election, but exactly like the previous proposal, it will result in nothing but defeat.

Speaking in an interview with Mehr News Agency, Iranian Former Ambassador to Poland Ramin Mehmanparast reacted to US efforts to extend arms embargo on Iran, which expires in October based on UN Security Council Resolution 2231, explaining "What is inferred from the US efforts to extend embargos against Iran is that Americans are more interested in launching propaganda and waging psychological warfare."

The Americans are trying to use the issue of the arms embargo on Iran and JCPOA in favor of influencing the 2020 US presidential election through psychological warfare and propaganda, he noted.

Mehmanparast went on to highlight that As opinion polls in the United States show that Donald Trump is behind his Democrat rival, therefore the US President and his aides are trying to improve their political position in the run-up to the 2020 elections by raising arm embargoes on Iran and Iran nuclear program.

It seems that the new US proposal is no different in comparison to the previous proposal which has failed, he said and added that today, the US action to extend the arms embargo on Iran will result in nothing but defeat for this country.
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