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Tuesday 14 July 2020 - 13:24
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Iran not accepting Europe’s middle-course stance: Spox

IRNA – Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi said in his weekly press conference on Monday that Tehran does not accept the Europeans’ middle-course stance between the US and Iran.

"The Europeans’ stance is “not constructive”, Abbas Mousavi said, adding that Iran clearly announces that Europeans have some commitments they should be loyal to, but they are defeated by the US pressures that is by no means good for their international reputation.

Answering a question about why the details of the draft agreement between China and Iran are not revealed, Mousavi said the accord is still being negotiated. It is a roadmap that should be carefully-wrought. And those trying to sabotage it know “our sensitivity”.

He said that when finalized, the document will be published and that the hype is for distancing Beijing and Tehran from each other.

Regarding the fire in a US warship in San Diego, he said the issue does not concern to Iran, but it is interesting how soon the US warships catch fire. "Maybe the American cheetah are responsible for."

Calling on Azerbaijan and Armenia to exercise self-restraint and resolve their dispute over Karabakh through political ways, Mousavi expressed sorrow over the incident in which Azeri forces were killed.

Iran has repeatedly expressed readiness for helping the two neighboring countries to solve the issue peacefully, he said.

He said that the current Iranian year was named surge in production, which means when the Iranian markets are glutted, the country will need new markets for exports.

Iran has been talking with the neighboring countries about customs tariffs and use of national currencies for trade, he said.

Regarding the issue of fire that happened in Natanz nuclear facility, Mousavi said that the incident has no effects on Iran’s nuclear activities and that the job in Natanz in being done and the place is being reconstructed.

With regards to the 7-billion-dollar debt of South Korea to Iran, he said that the talks are in progress at the level of foreign ministries and central banks of the countries, adding that Iran has already told the Koreans that their pretext not to pay the debt of the Iranian people is by no means acceptable.

Mousavi said that Iran is not under UN sanctions; a rebel and bully country has sanctioned Iran, and South Korea as an independent country has no duty to follow the sanctions.

Hoping that South Korea will pay its debts, he said the pretext of Seoul is accepted in no court.

Answering a question out New York Times report on cooperation between the US and the Zionist regime in hitting Natanz in order to target IRGC commanders, he said that Iran passed by no report easily. Iran considers them seriously, especially the ones that make a country accountable.

Experts are investigating the issue and if they decide that a country or a regime has had a role in that, Iran will react decisively and they will realize that the time of hit and run is over.

Regarding the most recent developments in pursuing martyrdom of Lieutenant-General Qasem Soleimani, he said that is a national task; Foreign Ministry, the Judiciary, and security and military forces of the country are pursuing it through legal channels.

Iran has filed complaints with international organizations, one of which announced that the US move to assassinate the Iranian commander has been illegal.

No one except a few loathsome regimes that had a role in the assassination doesn’t confirm what the US did, he said.

About the death of former Judge Gholam-Reza Mansouri in Romania, he said there was some lack of cooperation on the part of Romanian Government in the beginning, but the relevant officials of the Iranian Embassy in Romania had meetings with the Romanian Coroner's Office and the file was sent to the court to be investigated. After that, the dead body will be permitted to be taken to Iran after coronavirus-related examinations and removal of restrictions.

Touching the issue of US presidential elections, he said it is not important who takes office in the White House, it is important how they behave the Iranian people.

Different people and parties have shown animosity toward the people of Iran; we never forget that President Obama imposed the sanctions and President Trump continued them.

About the letter written by Foreign Minister Mohammad-Javad Zarif to EU’s foreign policy chief Josep Borrell, he said Europeans have two roles: they are a part of the JCPOA and its coordinator. When there is a point or a compliant, Iran should refer to them. Ms. Federica Mogherini had received some letters from Iran and now Mr. Borrell is receiving them.

With regard to the violation of the deal, this is the third time such letters have been written. According to Article 36 of the deal, Iran has announced the instances of violation and demanded the Dispute Resolution Mechanism DRM be activated, he said, adding that Iran is waiting for Europeans’ reactions. They should be responsible for their violations of the deal.

Not only did they not do their commitments, but they also drafted a resolution, which was very strange.

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