24 Jul 2024
FNA - Iranian Ambassador to Paris Bahram Qassemi blasted Israel's annexation plan, warning that the regime's expansionist policies endanger regional and global security.

"The West Bank annexation plan is continuation of the occupational and expansionist policies and aggressions of a regime which does not value the UN charter, human rights, international rules and the international community in implementation of its illegitimate, inhumane, racist and never-ending desires," Qassemi was quoted by the Iranian embassy in France's official twitter page as saying on Wednesday.

He warned that dire consequences are waiting for regional and global security and stability if the regime's expansionism and unilateralism as well as the clear violation of the basic international and human rights are not confronted on time.

The Israeli regime plans to annex 30 percent of the West Bank to the occupied territories in early July, under the US-Israeli "Deal of the Century" plan, with the support of President Donald Trump's administration. It has angered Palestinians and international communities such as the European Union.

In response to the annexation plan, the Palestinian Authority cut ties with the Israeli regime and the United States.
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