28 Feb 2024
Tasnim Irans Foreign Ministry recalled the cases of human rights violations committed by the US against the Iranian nation, saying Washington is desperately leading a global campaign to use economic, medical terrors against Iranian human rights.

From depriving Flag of Iran of its own financial resources for making ends meet, to banning delivery of the COVID19-related supplies for saving Iranians' lives, the US regime is desperately leading Earth globe europe-africa campaign to use economic, medical terrors agnst Iranian #HumanRights, the Ministry tweeted on Friday.

It also noted that every year from June 26 to July 2 Iranians recall the deadly cases of human rights violations by Washington.

In the next 7 days named as #USHumanRightsWeek , we will shed light on the US actions undermining basic rights of people at home, in Iran & elsewhere, it added in a follow-up tweet.

Iran has been among the countries hit hard by the novel coronavirus that first showed up in China in late December 2019, before spreading across the globe.

Inhumane US sanctions have hampered the virus battle in Iran, which reported its first infection cases in late February.
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