13 Jul 2024
Tuesday 16 June 2020 - 16:50
Story Code : 377831

Shares advance on high forex hopes

Financial Tribune - After a one-day hiatus, Tehran stocks resumed bullish trend on Monday climbing 1.24% with small cap stocks at the center of attention.

Benchmark of Tehran Stocks Exchange, TEDPIX, gained 14,699 points for the day to close trading session at an all-time high of 1,200,120.

Equal-weighted index, which gives the same weight to all shares irrespective of their market capitalization, closed higher at 2.3%.

This is while the TSE-30 Index finished 0.73% lower, indicating that the benchmark growth was driven mainly by shares of smaller listed companies. TSE-30 Index tracks performance of 30 largest companies in terms of the market cap.
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