11 Dec 2023
MNA Iranian President Hassan Rouhani pointed to the current years motto entitled surge in production and added, surge in production is the key to resolve problems for entering new century.

Speaking on Monday at the 2nd session for planning for realizing the slogan of Surge in Production, Rouhani said, "with all-out efforts in the field of surge in production, we will foil the enemies' plots, who have always been trying to imply that the system and the government are incompetent.

Stating that the realization of the slogan of Surge in Production will be a full-fledged symbol of the efficiency of the system, the President said, "development, progress and prosperity of the country through Surge in Production will increase people's hope, trust and satisfaction.

Rouhani stressed that the realizing the slogan and comprehensive employment requires a comprehensive cooperation and public effort, adding, "We must keep in mind that realizing this slogan is not solely the responsibility of the government and a special body, although managing it is the government's responsibility.

Emphasizing the importance of the role and contribution of the people in the realization of the slogan, the President stated, "Serious participation and role of the people and the assistance and cooperation of all branches and institutions in this matter is necessary.

The President further stated, "the government and all ministers and heads of agencies should work with all their might and cooperate with other branches, including the Islamic Consultative Assembly, in passing laws and legal mechanisms that strengthen Surge in Production and eliminate cumbersome laws and obstacles.

Rouhani also emphasized in this meeting, "each organ should determine its strategy in this field and continuously process its reports, information and activities with appropriate accuracy and publish them.

The President added, "in the last three years, the period of resistance and tolerance after the withdrawal of the United States from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), we have faced the inherent policy of the Americans, which is putting their knees on their opposition's throat, which we are witnessing in America today.

Rouhani stressed, Americans imposed the most severe sanctions on the Iranian government and people with the "Knee on the Throat" policy, and their goal was to make problems for people with providing the most basic necessities of life, such as energy, water, electricity, gas, food and medicine with the aim of increasing pressure to lead to the collapse of the country to reach their main goal, which they have been pursuing from the beginning, which is to change the political system in Iran.
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