20 Jun 2024
RT - Americans arent just rallying over the gruesome death of Minneapolis man George Floyd at the hands of police, they are rising up against racial injustice, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has said.

The awakening of the American people is directed against a whole system of racism and structural repression, which does not cease [to exist], Maduro wrote on Twitter.

The protests also mark the first push for change since the start of the Covid-19 outbreak, he noted.
It is the first post-pandemic political expression of the great changes towards which humanity is heading.
Maduros sentiment echoed other foreign voices that have reflected on the US protests as they unfold. Chinese officials claimed that America is suffering from a chronic disease of racism and police violence, whereas Iran has explicitly supported the Black Lives Matter cause, noting that the universal fight against discrimination is long overdue.

Countless cities and towns across America erupted in heavy demonstrations shortly after Floyd died in police custody in late May, with thousands of people marching against police brutality and racial disparities.

The nationwide demonstrations at times descended into clashes with police and acts of violence that saw buildings torched and businesses looted in different locations, including Washington DC.

This week, the anti-racism rallies swelled as some US cities lifted nighttime curfews, ordering the withdrawal of the National Guard, which had previously been called in to quell riots and looting.

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