15 Jul 2024
Saturday 23 May 2020 - 14:34
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Big powers backing Israel frustrated by a small virus: Zarif

Tasnim Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said the outbreak of the novel coronavirus pandemic proved the impotence of the world powers supporting the Zionist regime, as it became clear that a small virus could undermine their power.

The new coronavirus pandemic that has come to threaten all since late last year has shown that the global powers supporting Israel are not omnipotent, are not above all, (and that) their power can be undermined even by a small virus, Zarif said in a webinar attended by domestic and international officials and personalities, held on Friday in commemoration of the International Quds Day.

The top Iranian diplomat also said that the Palestinian peoples decades-long resistance against Israel and its main backer, the United States, testifies well to the strength of their resolve.

The resistance of the Palestinian people has continued for (more than) 70 years, and has shown that aggression, violations of international law, and even nuclear weapons cannot end the national aspirations of an entire people, Press TV quoted him as saying.

Zarif also hailed the Quds Day as an occasion that is honored worldwide by all those who believe in the cause of Palestine, in the necessity of ending Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people, in ending the most severe case of violation of human rights, (and) the most severe case of threat against international peace and security.

The Iranian foreign minister further called the Israeli regime the most serious threat to respect for human rights, to global peace and security, to nonproliferation, (and) to a world free from weapons of mass destruction that has ever existed.

The top diplomat said the USs successive administrations, especially the current one, were accomplice to all of Israels atrocities targeting the Palestinian people.

US President Donald Trumps administration with its hugely controversial pro-Israeli scheme -- that the US president has called the deal of century -- has shown that those who believe that the US can be a broker for peace were badly mistaken, Zarif stated.

This administration has reminded those Muslim governments, who continued to rely on the United States and even today disgracefully cooperate with Israel against other Muslim countries, that this is a dead end, he added.
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