18 Jul 2024
Monday 11 May 2020 - 15:45
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Iran Air to resume first post-corona foreign flight to Amsterdam

MNA Irans National Flag Carrier, Iran Air, will resume its first foreign flight in the post-coronavirus period on Thursday.

Iran Air on Monday revealed its flights from Tehran to Amsterdam are scheduled to be launched every Thursday.

With the necessary follow-ups made with the Dutch Airline and issuance of flight license, Iran Air will resume its scheduled flights to Amsterdam Airport by observing health protocols.

These flights will be operated every Thursday from Imam Khomeini International Airport [IKIA] to Amsterdam Airport through winning licenses from the Ministry of Health and Medical Education, Iranian Civil Aviation Organization [ICAO] in full compliance with the health protocols.

For further information, applicants may get in touch with the airline via phone (+982146621888) or refer to its offices in Tehran and Amsterdam for booking tickets.
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