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Wednesday 29 April 2020 - 17:31
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Iran, Pakistan condemn any prejudice, pressure against Muslims

ISNA - In a phone conversation on Wednesday, the President of Iran and the Prime Minister of Pakistan called for the development and deepening of relations between the two countries and stressed the need to share and transfer each other's experiences, knowledge and technology to combat and control coronavirus.

The two sides also stressed the need to reactivate borders and border markets and strengthen trade ties by following health guidelines.

During the telephone conversation, the President of Iran and the Prime Minister of Pakistan condemned any prejudice and pressure against Muslims and expressed their support in this regard.

Dr. Hassan Rouhani praised Pakistan's stance on opposing US sanctions against Iran and expressed hope that the two countries would further develop their trade and economic ties.

Dr. Rouhani said that the reopening of border markets of the two countries with full observance of health protocols as contributing to the development of trade and economic relations between Tehran and Islamabad and added, "We are interested in exchanging goods and trade with Pakistan as well as with some neighbouring countries from the borders.

Congratulating the Pakistani government and people on the holy month of Ramadan, the President expressed hope that the two countries' joint agreements would be implemented and operationalized in favour of the two nations.

At the same phone call, the Pakistani Prime Minister emphasized the development and deepening of relations with Iran, especially economic and trade cooperation, and welcomed the resumption of trade activities on the borders of the two countries and the activity of border markets by observing health protocols, saying, "The two countries' trade exchanges will greatly help Pakistan's economy, which has been affected by coronavirus.

Imran Khan also condemned the US imposition of sanctions and increased economic pressure on Iran in the difficult situation that the world is facing with coronavirus, adding, "I consider it my duty to support Iran in the face of US illegal actions".
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