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Monday 20 April 2020 - 16:05
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65% of Iranian nurses in front-line of fighting coronavirus

65% of Iranian nurses in front-line of fighting coronavirus
IRNA The deputy health minister for nursing said on Monday that 80,856 nurses, equal to 65 percent of the nurses in the public section, are in the front-line of looking after coronavirus patients.

Maryam Hazrati said in a video press conference that the number does not include the nurses of the hospitals Armed Forces, banks, charity, and the private sector.

Hazrati said that last month 4,456 nurses were recruited and 3,055 nurses volunteered to work in hospitals allocated to coronavirus hospitals.

She went on to say that the nurses who had a record of physical problems, had children, or had weak immune systems were included in the program to fight coronavirus.

She added that according to research, tiredness and sadness is clearly seen in the nurses and thats because seeing coronavirus patients die, and not due to being away from their families for a long time, hardships of the job, or fear of the virus.

She said in many hospitals centers have been established to provide psychological help for the nurses.

In the past two months, 142,925 patients with acute respiratory problems have been hospitalized, she said.
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