29 May 2024
Jahangiri says Government resolved to meet demands arising from pandemic without reliance on others
IRNA First Vice-President Eshaq Jahangiri said on Tuesday that the Government is resolved to meet demands arising from the pandemic without reliance on others thanks to to Irans industrial infrastructure and widescale capacities of the manufacturing and the services sector.

Speaking on the sidelines of visiting face-mask production line in Robat Karim, Jahangiri said that some countries take US sanctions as excuse to block sending medical equipment to Iran fighting COVID19.

While we needed to import health and medical requirements, unfortunately some countries stopped sending consignments to Iran, he added.

Simultaneous with the outbreak of coronavirus in Iran, Iranian industries tried to meed urgent needs of the people including face-masks and disinfectants.

Appreciating the Supreme Leader for allocating one billion euro from the National Development Fund to compensate for losses incurred by the pandemic, Jahangiri said that the Supreme Leader emphasized boosting domestic products and taking advantage of capacity of the knowledge-based companies.

He noted that all requirements for fighting coronavirus are produced inside the country.

Jahangiri said that we will have no problem with regard to production of masks and disinfectants in the near future.

Iran has taken numerous steps to stop the spread of the disease, ranging from shutting down schools and universities to canceling cultural and religious gatherings. It is also constantly disinfecting and sanitizing public places.

Head of Iran's Health Ministry's Public Relations Office Kianoush Jahanpour said on Monday that 24,236 people out of a total of 60,500 infected by the coronavirus have survived while 3,739 have unfortunately succumbed to death.
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